We are an open community that crowdsources realistic power grid data to be used for research purposes. Here you will find the tools for crowdsourcing power grid data. The goal is to create an open platform for inferring realistic power grids based on actual data. Our vision is to provide a tool to researchers and practitioners that is able to produce realistic input data for simulation studies. OpenGridMap will support the entire process from data collection to formatting grid data for various purposes. We explore innovative ways to capture data and produce power grid approximations, e.g., using smartphone apps, drones, expert classification, existing map APIs, and graph inference algorithms. The project was started by the chair for applications and middleware systems of TU Munich and is supported by a German Federal Ministry of Education and Research grant (BMBF 01IS12057) and the Alexander von Humbolt Foundation. We are growing fast and could really use your help. Join us and lets map the world's power grid!!! Check out: facebook page and the OpenGridMap App.

Grid Models

We have inferred simulation-ready models of the high voltage power grid for several countries. You can see and download the results using the transnet layer:


This project is dependent on contributors. The more you help, the faster we will get free power grid models for the whole world. There are two ways to contribute:

Map power devices using our App

Click here go to download the app.

Help improve incomplete OSM data for our model inference


  • Teaser (video)
  • Presentation at D-A-CH Energy Informatics Conference 2015 (video)
  • Android app (Play store)

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Comment and cite

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  1. Jose Rivera, Johannes Leimhofer, and Hans-Arno Jacobsen. "OpenGridMap: towards automatic power grid simulation model generation from crowdsourced data." Computer Science-Research and Development (2016): 1-11. [Link]
  2. Jose Rivera, Christoph Goebel, David Sardari, and Hans-Arno Jacobsen. "OpenGridMap: An Open Platform for Inferring Power Grids with Crowdsourced Data." DA-CH Conference on Energy Informatics. Springer International Publishing, 2015. [Link]

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